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The request for services to New Chess S.L. by the Client means the express acceptance of the following Conditions of Contract;


1. The rates offered to the client may suffer modifications imposed by the maritime and air companies to be used. These freight variations will be notified to the client sufficiently in advance so that they have the option to cancel the work order entrusted to New Chess S.L .. No fee will have a contractual commitment without the written acceptance of the two affected parties. The tariffs corresponding to the customs procedures are valid for the year 2015.

2. The customer can optionally order the insuring of their merchandise. The premium amount will be calculated by applying a percentage of the total amount to be insured and that can not exceed 110% of the amount of the commercial invoice + applicable freight charges or of eur 300,000 per shipment. The percentages to apply will be 0.45% on merchandise value for full container 0.45% on merchandise value for groupage and 0.35% on the value of merchandise for air transport. The minimum billable premium will be EUR 35.00 per shipment. There are goods that can not be insured and merchandise subject to an increase in the premium amount due to the nature of the same. The non-application for insurance on the merchandise exempts New Chess S.L. in the event of loss or damage during transport and will be limited to managing the corresponding compensation claims against the transport companies under the compulsory insurance modality in each mode of transport.

3. In the case of non-compliance with the payment method agreed between the client and New Chess S.L., the concept of financing will be applied to an invoice additional to the initial one issued by work order.

4.- The continued non-fulfillment of the payment obligations will automatically modify the agreed conditions, setting as payment / collection system "counted against delivery of merchandise". In order to guarantee compliance with the payment owed by the client for the services provided by New Chess S.L. a special right of retention is agreed on the goods deposited until the cancellation of the debt, remaining the same in pledge in favor of New Chess S.L. (Article 1780 Civil Code). After four months without the client has proceeded to pay the outstanding payments for the services provided by New Chess S.L. This, prior written notice to the client, may proceed before a notary to the alienation of the merchandise in sufficient quantity to settle the debt and the expenses generated by it, according to the legally established procedures.

5. The maximum amount financed by New Chess S.L. or its Agents of Customs subcontractors and corresponding to the taxes applicable to imports and paid on behalf of the client will not exceed in any case of eur 15,000. Exceeding this amount, the client must advance the amount exceeded of said limit regardless of the risk assigned to the client for commercial and transport operations.

6. The maritime surcharges BAF, CAF, Peak Season Surcharge, Overweight surcharge, Premium Surcharge or any other surcharge applicable by carriers are variable concepts.

7. The transit times of the shipping and air companies indicated are indicative, never binding.

8. Fuel and safety air surcharges are concepts that can vary without prior notice. In case of having offered all in tariff, this may vary depending on the increases or decreases supported by these surcharges.

9. The rates presented to the clients, unless otherwise indicated, do not include changes of location, corridors, partial discharges for customs review, licenses, delays to the discharge taking into account the maximum time from the moment of arrival of the truck (3 free storage), storage, porters to the unloading, positioned, customs or sanitary inspections, sanitary fees payments, crane movements will be billed according to Conterail rates, stoppages, surface occupations according to the official rates of the shipping company or any other expense not related to this rate and that is derived from the dispatch or transport.

10. The grouped merchandise not transported by New Chess S.L., will be charged a HAT of € 75 additional per shipment, attaching the respective third party invoice that will be passed on to the customer.

11. The responsibility of New Chess S.L. in the transport of goods is limited only to what is established in the legislation applicable to each mode of transport or those derived from the work order received by the company.

12. With the acceptance of these conditions by the client, this authorizes New Chess S.L. to contract services, to mediate with suppliers and carriers, to represent them before any company or private or public organizations that may be part of the logistics chain for which their services have been requested.

            The weight / volume ratio will be equal to:

TIR INTERNACIONAL / NACIONAL 1M3 = 333 KGS 1 linear meter = 1.750 kgs

AIR 1M3 = 167 KGS

MARITIME 1M3 = 1.000 KGS

New Chess S.L.